Social Media for Successful Digital Marketing

Many articles discuss the importance of choosing the right social networks for your company, the number of publications you must make per day, per week, or per month, the publication formats, and the correct use of Hashtags to segment content.

I have shared the fundamental key to achieving the success of marketing strategies in these channels, which undoubtedly all companies should exploit in the best way.

My first recommendation is that all the marketing effort should not be invested in social networks, since our companies are at the mercy of constant changes, legislation, security, and terms and conditions of our most precious data, and we must have additional channels that support the marketing operation, we are in a quite volatile technological world, and the stability of any social network cannot be assured.

These channels will be the vehicle that will give visibility to your company’s products or services and will also serve as a communication channel for your brand’s followers and customers.

Content as an engine

The engine of social networks will always be the content you generate in them, be they images, articles, gifs, writings, or videos, the latter being the most important content. You must invest time and budget to generate the content of visual quality, value, and utility for your brand’s users, always generate content designed for the followers you want to impact and not just advertising content for what you sell.

Brand crisis preventive plan

Once your company has a presence in social networks, your products or services, customer service, sensitivity, values ​​, and human quality will be on the lips of consumers, who will be the ones who qualify your reputation. Have a plan to respond to any inconvenience that occurs in your profiles and remember that ignoring these problems can become a “snowball” that will most likely destroy your good image. Always most ethically and professionally responds to any negative action.

Customer service

Customer service must also be reflected in conversations with your user. You should always have a friendly, willing, and consistent treatment with the language you want to show as a brand. Remember that the only experience that this interlocutor can have is the way you attend a chat or a comment, you should also know that if you do this job well, you will be able to capture the data you need from that potential customer, information that will be too valuable for your future business strategies.

Clear objectives

If your company sells products, the commercial objective should be to lead users to carry out a transaction in your online store, visit your store, communicate to your WhatsApp, or any other final objective of your sales funnel. If, on the contrary, your company sells services, focus on making a call or a meeting, it will be there where you can generate the best experience. 

Remember: Human relationships build trust, and this is what you need not only to close a sale but also a loyal customer.

Paid advertising

Business profile algorithms are increasingly limiting the reach of posts and brand visibility, which is why, if you measure the success of your social media strategy without having invested money in payment guidelines, you’ll surely believe you’ve failed and assume that social media isn’t suitable for selling. 

Your company has at hand a free tool with many functionalities, but the reality is that much of the effectiveness depends on the advertising generated in them, and that is where your company can take full advantage of its potential.

Your whole company for sales

One of the most common errors when working on social networks is not having all areas synchronized. It is of great importance that all staff are engaged to positively contribute comments, ratings, and content to the networks, as this will help to have a constant audience and greater visibility of what is published.

The most important connection that your company needs for marketing strategies to achieve the desired objective must be between the marketing and sales area. These two teams must work in synergy to significantly exploit the investment made in the different digital media.

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