How to Find Inspiration for Your Website Design

Are you starting to design your website or your blog and have no idea what visual style to give your online project?

When you don’t know where to go, you can always turn to other pages to find some inspiration; It is not about copying everything, but about taking ideas to give your website development a personal touch.

For this reason, in today’s article, I want to show you various platforms so that you can find the inspiration you need to design your online project.



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On Themeforest, there are 1000s of premium WordPress themes & website templates, including multipurpose and responsive Bootstrap templates, etc.

You can use some template as an example and replicate it with your personal brand. There are many specific themes for each particular project (for example web templates dedicated to events, eCommerce, magazines, etc).

The good thing about the portal to which Theme forest belongs ( ENVATO MARKET ) is that you can buy other resources for your project at a competitive price (logos, audios, icons, videos, plugins, etc.).

Elementor Templates

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If you have the Elementor plugin installed, you know that the guys at Pojo Me Digital LTD have their own gallery of templates that you can use in their own layout.

Some are free, and others are paid (if you have the PRO version ); but despite this, they have created endless landings that you can use or model for your website; last but not least, they are classified according to their use (contact pages, events, landing page, homepage, etc.).

Today there are over 100, wow !!

The Best Designs

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Another website where you can find a lot of ideas for your website.

There is a great variety, and I quite like the design of the pages that are shown, very clean, and professional.

A recommended portal to inspire you on the days when you can’t think of anything.


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This portal is very famous among designers since each one can make a profile and publish their own portfolio if you dedicate yourself to the world of web and graphic design.

It has an option to filter the jobs by different branches, so you can easily see projects of all kinds easily.


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This portal is also well known for its famous web, graphic, and multimedia design courses.

Inside it has a projects section, where, as in Behance, we can see the work carried out by the community that makes up this website.

You can find all kinds of styles and levels, from rookie designs to the most professional ones.

Take a look, because it can help you a lot.


By God, who does not know Pinterest today ?.

It is one of the best platforms you have to share images, and designers are no less.

If you use its search engine, you can find almost any photograph and professional web development.

Call to idea

Finally, I would like to introduce you to this portal that I discovered recently, and it has surprised me since you can look for designs of sections or specific parts that make up a web page.

You can choose between the different categories that it has established by default, to search for original designs.

For example, if you are creating your blog and do not know what style to apply to the “recommendations” section that you will include on your page, you can see the examples published on their website to get ideas.

I love it!! 

I hope you liked this small compilation to inspire your web design creations.

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