10 Tips For the Home Office

How do I design my home office so that I can work effectively and in a structured manner? Many people ask themselves such questions who have never worked from home now have to adapt. Here you can find out what is important for the workplace within your own four walls. How to stay in contact with colleagues despite the distance, get distractions out of the way, and switch off well after work.

1) Set up the workplace

Happy is the one who has a separate study. But even without an extra room, it is possible to set up your home office optimally. For example, you can convert the dining table in the living room into a desk. Just make sure that while you’re working on it, everything that is unnecessary disappears from the table. 

2) Get rid of the unnecessary

This includes your smartphone, for example. It has no business being on the desk. Unless you also use it for business calls. Otherwise, it will only distract you unnecessarily. Did you know that we check our cell phones almost 100 times a day?

3) Don’t dawdle too long

A second cup of coffee here, another funny video there, and the bed is so comfortable in general: Especially with flexible working hours or self-employed, the temptation is great to delay starting work. Now and then, nothing speaks against it. But those who make this a habit run the risk of being busy late into the evening and not having a proper evening. 

Better: start at the same time each day so that you can finish on time. The coffee tastes pretty good at the desk too.

4) Maintain coffee breaks with colleagues

Speaking of coffee: If we work in the home office, we lack direct contact with colleagues after a short time. How about if you just let the joint coffee break take place virtually from home instead of in the tea kitchen as it used to be? In this way, several team members can even “initiate” at the same time via video conference.

5) Arrange the workplace ergonomically

To prevent back pain, it is important to pay attention to how we sit at the desk at home, too. Ideally, it looks like this:

  • the thighs and lower legs, as well as the upper and lower arms, are at a 90-degree angle to each other
  • the palms and elbows are levels with the keyboard and mouse
  • the feet are firmly on the floor, possibly use a footstool
  • the eyes are at least 50 cm away from the monitor

6) Include moving pauses

Even if it sounds a bit silly and it makes you feel strange: Movement is extremely important, especially in the home office. Because we work at home, on the one hand, we lack the way to the office and back. On the other hand, it is not always possible to set up your workplace, as described above. Be it because the table is too high or too low or the chair is too uncomfortable. Short exercises in between office work can be found everywhere on the net. A good tip, for example, is always to get up to make a phone call.

7) Plan a fixed lunch break

Work through it quickly and then stop earlier: Sounds like a good idea at first, but it isn’t at all. Because breaks are not only required by law from work. They are also essential to rest, replenish energy reserves, and be able to return to work relaxed.

8) Organize lunch well

Meal prepping is a great idea for lunch in the home office. It is always practical to pre-cook at least two servings. So you already have lunch ready for the next day, and you can use half of the break for a digestive walk. 

9) After hours is the end of work

Once the work for the day is done, make sure that everything that has to do with it disappears from your point of view. If you have a room, lock it up and don’t go in until the next morning. If you work in the living room, shut down the computer, pile the documents in a pile, or, if possible, put them away entirely. Because everything that is visibly lying around prevents you from switching off properly, it is vital in the home office. 

10) Treat yourself to something delicious

Now is the time to devote yourself to your well-deserved dinner. We suggest you have light salads, hearty curries to classic bread meals. This is how you can end your home office day perfectly.

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